Announcing the Launch of Ethersocks

Today brings good news for fans of Ethereum and warm, fashionable feet. Ethersocks are here!

What are Ethersocks?

Ethersocks ($SOX) have been created to celebrate the launch of Eth2, its transition to Proof-of-Stake, and the work of countless industry insiders who are working tirelessly to bring crypto to the masses.


The purchase of the Ethersocks token entitles you to one pair of real-life socks redeemed through our website, a redemption that will also generate an exclusive NFT that will be yours for as long as you hodl. Featuring the Etherhino, the design marks the transition to the next iteration of Ethereum, complimented by the ETH diamond and the carefree colors of the Ethereum lifestyle.

How Does SOX Redemption Work?

The SOX token entitles the holder to one (1) real pair of limited-edition ethersocks, shipped to any address in the world. To get your hands (or feet?) on the physical pair, simply redeem your SOX token at As an additional bonus, every redeem transaction will also deliver a unique NFT to the wallet used that can be held or traded on token marketplaces.

SOX Token Launch

Our goal is to establish a broad and equal distribution of the SOX token. The launch will be achieved first through a DODO crowdpooling campaign, during which 1280 SOX will be sold for a fixed price of 0.032 ETH per token.


  • Why use this launch method?

Details of the Project