We burn SOX

On July 19th, 64 AD, the Great Fire of Rome broke out, allegedly started under the instruction of Emperor Nero. Thought to have been motivated by his desire to clear an area of ground for the construction of a new palace, his blunderous decision cost countless lives and left approximately two thirds of the imperial capital in ruin. Yet despite this terrible devastation, the Romans, being a sandal-wearing people, found that not a single pair of socks had been burned.

We, the Ethersocks Team, seek to do things properly.

The historic treasures we shall be consigning to the flames are…

Ethersocks were released to celebrate the upcoming ETH2.0 launch as well as all things Ethereum. SOX are to be owned (and worn) in honour of celebrating the tireless buidlers, the vibrant community and the projects and people that make ETH so great.

SOX are a tokenised asset which upon redemption provide redeemers with a physical limited-edition pair of Ethersocks and access to a unique & tradable ‘EtherRhino’ NFT.

Today we are pleased to provide further information on the NFT part of SOX and demonstrate to the community that we as a team are here to deliver on our promises and…

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment, filling your socks drawers in preparation for this day, so we’re happy to be able to announce that SOX redemption is live!

From today, our community of hungry Etherhinos are able to burn their SOX tokens (an irreversible process!) and receive their very own physical pair of exclusive, limited edition Ethersocks in return!

Etherhino’s assemble! The WEEKEND OF SOX is upon us!

Following the successful launch of the SOX token, we invite our community to help spread the word about Ethersocks and participate in two, yes, two, competitions this coming weekend!

All Etherhinos will have until April 18th (11:59 pm EDT / 03:59am UTC April 19th) to participate in the competitions and win some great SOX prices.

Bring a Friend Competition

Photo by David Cashbaugh on Unsplash

The ‘bring a friend’ competition is your chance to win a SOX prize this weekend. All you have to do is invite your friends to join the Ethersock’s discord channel. It’s…

SOX are go!

The Ethersocks Team is proud to announce the successful launch of the SOX token!

Check out #meme-city in discord! A special thanks to Munter for this piece!

We have been overwhelmed by the love and support shown during the last 72 hours. Watching the vibrant and energized community of Etherhinos stampede into the world of crypto is something that has warmed our hearts as much as Ethersocks are going to warm our feet!

Today brings good news for fans of Ethereum and warm, fashionable feet. Ethersocks are here!

What are Ethersocks?

Ethersocks ($SOX) have been created to celebrate the launch of Eth2, its transition to Proof-of-Stake, and the work of countless industry insiders who are working tirelessly to bring crypto to the masses.

Ethersocks are a limited-edition, tokenized asset with a fixed supply of 3200.*

Owning a pair of Ethersocks means possessing a piece of history both on the blockchain and in your sock drawer.

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